About the Foundation

In 2012 the Board of Proprietors agreed to create The Silverstream Foundation Trust. It was set up as a charitable Trust. 

Mr Dominic Outtrim was appointed the inaugural manager of the Foundation and under his leadership the Dinner of May 2012 launched this new entity.

Mike O'Leary was appointed as Manager taking over Dominic's position in October 2012.

In March 2017 Nicole de la Mare was appointed the Manager  to re establish the vision and develop a strategic plan for the Foundation going forward.

March 2018 Nicole completed her contract and now Mike O'leary maintains the role within the Foundation as the Liaison Officer.

September 2019 Foundation committee established.

February 2022 Mike O'Leary retires from his role as Liaison Manager, has volunteered to remain on as Acting Liaison Manager until new Manager is appointed.

The  Foundation Office  is located at the College to ensure the continuity among all the stake holders.

December 2023 Nadia Steenkemp is appointed as the Donations & Engagement Manager.