Remembering St Patrick's College, Silverstream  in your will

The making of a Will is a task we all face: it is part of life and a gesture to those we leave behind.

Bequests are a lasting legacy that transcend time and benefit future generations. Leaving a Bequest is a simple procedure and allows Old Boys, parents and friends to include St Patrick's College, Silverstream in their Will.

The  Foundation is a charitable trust established to protect and safeguard Bequests and other donated funds for the benefit of St Patrick's College, Silverstream, and it is an active partner in the development and growth of the College. We commend the Bequest programme as an uncomplicated way of contributing to the ongoing success of St Patrick's College, Silverstream and to ensuring that its traditions flourish into and beyond the 21st century. 

What is a Bequest?
A Bequest is a statement within your Will of how you would like specific assets or funds distributed. Often it is a specified amount of money allocated to a specific cause or organisation, like St Patrick's College, Silverstream. It can also be a percentage of your estate, and is usually made once family members and/or dependents have been provided for. Please download this Intention form if you would like to consider a bequest to the Foundation.

What can I Bequest?
Bequests are generally one of the following:
Real estate
Personal property (such as art or antiques)

Where will my Bequest go?
Unrestricted bequests will usually be applied to the area of greatest need at the time, at the discretion of the College. This allows flexibility to direct funds to important projects evolving at the time and can make a significant difference to the success of the project. 
Directed bequests can go to specific areas of your interest, for example Capital campaign, academic scholarships or teacher support.

Specific Targets
Please contact the Foundation if you would like advice on targeting your bequest. Please inform the Foundation of your plans so that we may show our appreciation.

If you would like to receive more detailed information about how you can help the College by making a Bequest, please contact: The  Foundation Manager 

Mike O'Leary 

+64 21 615369